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Parking place nameCityRegionCountryPSR location phone numberNumber of truck parking placesNearest motorway of referenceCertificationSecurity LevelPrimary contact namePrimary contact phone numberPrimary contact email address
Travel Centers of EuropeSECEANIRomania00407225244786A1PSR-EE-L1FEILINGER CRISTIAN HORST0040736009099cristian.feilinger@travelcentersofeurope.com
TRUCCOTEL EmmenEmmen Netherlands +31 6 82 36 80 3468A37PPDPartnerSander van Veggel+31 6 82 36 80 34svanveggel@truccotel.com
La LondonienneMarckFrance+33374790195135A16PPDPartnerNick Long+44788106146 nick.long@snapaccount.co.uk
The Stockyard TruckstopRotherhamUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland01709700200215M18/M1PPDPartnerMichael Potts 07759126021info@thestockyard.co.uk
TIP Secure Truck Parking Isoparc SorignySorigny France0611141680 146A10PPDPartnerCharles-henri DEMOURES 0611141680 charles-henri.demoures@tip-group.com
Moto Washington NorthCounty Durham United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland0191 4103436 38A1MPPDPartnerMark Weston07961 033407 Paul.Barber-Jones@moto-way.co.uk
Moto Wetherby North Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland01937 545080 67A1MPPDPartnerLeon Scott 07961 033323Paul.Barber@moto-way.co.uk
Moto Rugby RugbyUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland01788 227358 98M6PPDPartnerMatt Gibbons 07816 373425 Paul.Barber@moto-way.co.uk
Mowiz TRUCK MontsenyBarcelonaSpain+34 607 055 040117AP7PSR-EE-L1.+34 607 055 040empresas@mowiztruck.com
Mowiz TRUCK Astigarragasan sebastianSpain+34 607 055 040341AP-8PSR-EE-L1.+34 607 055 040empresas@mowiztruck.com
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