IIS Key Glossary

I. Incident Category Definitions

Type Definition
Hijacking The use of force (armed or unarmed), threat or intimidation to kidnap the driver in order to take the vehicle
Robbery The use of force (armed or unarmed), threat or intimidation in order to steal shipments/cargo while employees, guards or drivers are present and coerced to allow access (open doors), hand over goods, hand over vehicle
Burglary Entry to a facility (plant, warehouse, transportation hub etc.) with the intent to steal shipments/cargo, without confrontation with employees or guards (may or may not be present)
Fraud Theft by deception; offense of deliberately deceiving another in order to damage them — usually, to obtain property or services from the victim unjustly
Theft General Term for wrongful taking of property without that owner's willful consent
Theft from Facility Theft of complete shipment/cargo while being stored or handled in a facility (plant, warehouse, transportation hub etc.)
Theft from Vehicle The stealing of shipments/cargo from vehicle (truck, van, lorry, trailer etc.), without any confrontation with the driver (driver may or may not be present)
Theft of Vehicle Stealing of vehicle (truck, van, lorry, trailer etc.), – with the shipment/cargo/load, while driver is not present
Truck Theft Stealing of vehicle (truck, van, lorry, trailer etc.), – without any load/shipment/cargo
Attempt The act of trying to steal cargo/load/shipment unsuccessfully

II. Modus Operandi

Type Definition
Forced Stop Stationary or vehicle Roadblock; Running off road by another vehicle; Drive by shooting
Deceptive Stop Bogus police roadblock / fake road works / Diversion from main route / Hitchhiker / Fake Accident / “Stuck” vehicles / “Bump and rob”
Violent & Threat with Violence The use of force armed/unarmed, Threat to use force; extortion
Deception Posing as customer / driver / warehouse employee – “around the corner” / Changing delivery details / fraudulent delivery or release documentation
Intrusion Breaking & Entry<br />For vehicle/Truck: “Jump up” / breaking door’s lock or seal / slashing tilt curtain (driver may or may not be present)<br /><br />For Facility: Breaking and entry at a warehouse/logistics or company premises
Internal Active involvement in the theft by employee/s or driver
Unknown Modus Operandi details are unknown

III. Location Types

Type Definition
En Route While in motion/driving
Secured Parking Customer or IRU Approved as secured parking
Non secured Parking Public; Roadside; not approved by customer or IRU
Origin facility Plant; Warehouse
Destination facility Plant; Warehouse; Distribution
Railway Operation Facilty
Road Transportation facility Pickup/Delivery terminal; Hub
Aviation Transporation facility Airside – Tarmac, apron, runway; Air Hub, Landside hangar or warehouse within Airport perimeter
Authorities 3rd party facility Customs; Ground Handling authorities warehousing and handling facility
Services 3rd party facility Broker; Forwarder; Handling provider warehousing and handling facility
Maritime Transportation Facility Theft from ferry terminal/ port/dockyard facilities
Unknown From ..... To ........ (origin & destination are required)